Making Things Move

Mechanical Engineer | Robotics | Software



I've worked with many teams and companies to design their final product.

Mechanical Engineering

GovTech Singapore

Designed and assembled various prototypes under the Sensors and IoT Department, such as a robotic, voice-activated structure for artistic expression, an interface module to connect low-cost buttons, and a hardware design for low-cost physical buttons for persons with disabilities.

Prototyped and designed the case and a mechanical trigger for temperature taking machines in Singapore's COVID-19 response. Part of the team that delivered Automated Temperature Sensing Stations to community centers and elderly homes around Singapore.

Built physical and software automation tools for failure analysis and benchmarking in prototypes.

CAD | Python | C | C++

Hubly Surgical

Designed and prototyped iterations of the core MVP for intercranial access.

Solidworks | CAD

Embedded Design

Northwestern University

Consulting and development for Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project (FYP) Teams on their electronics design.

Designed and assembled PCBs for clients as well as provided input on the electronics design to increase sensitivity of sensors.


Software Development

Renoster Systems

Designed and prototyped a long-range, mesh networking system for remote gunshot detection in wildlife reserves. Wrote both collection-tree protocols and managed-flood algorithms in Python to control the mesh network and to coordinate recording times. Wrote the hardware code for running the LoRa and audio capture subsystems.

Built an analysis tool in Python to simulate timing jitter in trilateral audio detection and to calculate the resultant area to be searched.

Python | Cloud | IoT

Personal Projects

Wrote webscraping tools in Python to automate collection of video description data.

Built an app to display incoming bus timings in Singapore to help make "should I walk or should I wait" decisions.

Python | JS | NodeJS